10 Best Herbs For Hair Growth

10 Best Herbs For Hair Growth

Hair loss is among the most common issues around the globe these days. Due to various factors ranging from hereditary to medical conditions, your hair begin to fall out at a faster rate leading the victim towards baldness. However, it isn’t something incurable, from synthetic to natural, there are many available treatment option to deal with this issue. One such option is herbal treatment. It is the safest and cheapest option from all. Here in this post, you will find 10 best herbs for hair growth.

10 Best Herbs For Hair Growth

1. Stinging Nettle

Native to the North America, this hair benefiting plant is also known as urtica dioica. It treats hair loss by keeping testosterone hormones from converting in the dihydrotestosterone, a loss. Use it in the form of pills or hair oil to get its hair benefits.

2. Rosemary

Rosemary is one more all-natural treatment to care hair loss. Combined with olive oil, it offers a variety of hair benefits. In addition to hair loss prevention, regular rosemary-olive oil massage also works to promote hair growth. It provides a complete nourishment to your hair follicles, hence improving the overall texture of hair. Another notable advantage of rosemary oil is its assistance in prevention of premature hair graying.

3. Aloe Vera

This excellent herb is widely known for its skin care benefits. Besides this, aloe Vera is powerful hair tonic too. The aloe Vera gel work wonders to reduce hair fall. Not only this, regular use of aloe Vera gel onto the scalp opens up the clogged pores, thereby conditioning and nourishing the hair roots. Moreover, it also maintains the hair’s PH balance.

10 Best Herbs For Hair Growth

4. Peppermint

When it comes to find out effective herbs for hair growth, one should not neglect the importance of peppermint. This wonderful herb improves the growth of hair follicles, hence promoting the natural hair growth. Furthermore, massaging the scalps with peppermint oil improves the blood circulation.

5. Burdock

Burdock has also been known to have wonderful hair-growth promoting abilities and is very effective in controlling hair loss too. Regularly give you head a gentle burdock massage. It will improve blood circulation in the scalp strengthening hair follicles.

6. Lavender

Lavender oil is yet another amazingly effective herbal treatment to get rid of hair fall. It help you promote the natural hair growth, and offers effective treatments for various hair problems including dandruff and hair loss.

10 Best Herbs For Hair Growth

7. Grin Biloba

Grin biloba is also a popular herb to tackle hair fall and baldness. Grin Biloba oil thoroughly over the scalp increases the blood flow and fulfill the nutritional deficiencies of the follicles, thus promoting healthy hair growth.

8. Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto, a palm native to the southern America, is a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids that are required for proper hair growth. This excellent herb offers an effective solution for hair loss problem. In addition, it improves the blood circulation in the scalp area.

9. Horsetail

Horsetail is another name in the list of 10 best herbs for hair growth. Thanks to its high silica content, horsetail offers much needed strength to the hair and hence reduces hair thinning to remarkable extent that in turn prevent hair loss. This brush like herb also strengthens nails and bones, and is widely found in synthetic beauty care products.

10. Panax Ginseng

One more amongst the 10 best herbs for hair growth is Panax Ginseng. This Chinese herb has wonderful effects to treat various health and issues including hair loss. Its hair benefits range from baldness cure, hair loss prevention and promotion of hair growth. Furthermore, it provides deep nourishment to the hair scalp boosts blood circulation and improves overall health of hair follicles.