11 Christmas Party Hairstyle Ideas and Tutorials

If you hunting latest and modish Christmas party hairstyle ideas, then you at exact place as here I have compiled some super-cute party hairstyle ideas especially for you.

1. Eva Longoria Hairstyle

Mexican-American beauty queen Eva Longoria is widely popular across the globe. Most women are inspired by Longoria’s hairstyle. Follow given-below steps to make your hairstyle like the superstar.

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• First of all, wash and dry your hair.
• Next, apply a bit of mousse onto the hair.
• Take the blow dryer (with a nozzle attachment) and use it to your hair, keeping the nozzle attachment in downward direction.
• Continue running a paddle brush through your hair while you blow dry your hair.
• Lastly, add some curls in the downward segments of your hair.

2. Soft Curls

Slight curls give the females a sexy appeal. That’s why curly hair is a thing of envoy for the girls who have straight hair. If you are seeking for an apt hairstyle for the Christmas Eve and other holiday gatherings, don’t hesitate to decide on soft curls. To flaunt this cute hairstyle:

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• Wash and condition you hair.
• Give it some soft curls.
• Apply a little quantity of hairspray.
• Go for side-swept of bouffant curls for a more modish look.

3. Medium Length Scrunched Hairstyle with Bangs

If you have extra thin hair, opt for medium-length scrunched hairstyle with bangs. It give you a gorgeous look for Christmas Eve.

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• Firstly, wash your hair and apply a good-quality conditioner.
• Remove the tangles and knots with a wide-tooth comb.
• Apply a small quantity of hair mousse to your hair to bunch it up.
• Fasten the hair clips to hold bunches.
• Take off the clips after about half hour.
• Brush your hair (backwards or side swept as per your choice) and spply a fine-quality hairspray to keep bunches stay for long time.

4. Cute Hairstyle for Long Hair

If you are blessed with long, lustrous tresses, you are really lucky because there are numerous trendy hairstyles you can opt for. Here is an easy and less time-consuming hairstyle for long hair.

DIY Christmas Hairstyle for Long Hair

• After washing and conditioning your hair, let it naturally dry. (You can use a blow dryer but try to avoid it).
• Apply a leave-in serum through your hair.
• Use your fingers to twirl the hair.
• Fasten a clip to bunch the twirled hair at the top of your head.
• Now you have to wait for about 40-45 minutes. (You can complete your other preparations in this time)
• Once the recommended time has passed, take off the clip and let your hair fall loose.
• Use sparkling accessories at back side for more glamorous look.

5. Classic Updo

Classic Updo is one of the most fantastic and super-cool hairstyles. Recently top model Brittany modeled this hairstyle to draw the attentions of her fans. You can also sport this, all you need is to follow the given-below steps:

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• Prepare your hair by washing and conditioning them.
• Run a comb through your hair in order to remove the tangles and knots.
• Pull you hair up and secure them on the top of head.
• To add fullness, use a dry powder shampoo.
• Apply a bit of hairspray.

6. Straight Bangs

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Straight bangs can be teamed up with numerous hairstyles. These bangs makes your formal hairstyle look too gorgeous.
• If you have long and silky hair, make a normal ponytail and team it up with straight bangs. It will give you chic and classy look.
• For the girls with medium-length hair, a layer cut combined with straight bangs will definitely look so cute.
• The shoulder-cut scrunched hairstyle with straight bangs is perfect for the women, who have short hair.

7. Side-swept Bangs

The side swept bangs can give you dazzling look for the Christmas party as well as holiday rituals. This DIY hairstyle includes following steps:

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• Wash and condition your hair and let it dry.
• Remove the tangles and knots with wide-tooth comb.
• Brush your tresses towards one side of face.
• To keep them stay in place, apply a heavy-duty hairspray or use hair gel.

8. Side Fringe Hairstyles

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Side Fringe Hairstyles are hugely popular among the young girls as well as mature women. The traditional side fringe hairstyle can be modified according to the latest trends through various techniques. If you also are inspired by the side fringe hairstyles, keep the following facts in your mind:
• If you have heart-shaped face, keep the partition a bit away from the center.
• All side fringe hairstyles (short, long, wispy, swept, choppy and asymmetrical) are suitable for the oval-shaped face.
• The swept fringe (falling on the forehead) hairstyle is best for round faces.

9. Medium-Length Bob

The medium-length bob is ideal for the girls who have a slightly round face and medium-length hair.

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• Get medium-length bob cut combined up with some bangs.
• Add some slight curls to the ends of your freshly-washed hair.
• Run a hair brush through your hair and apply a bit of hairspray.

10. French Twist

A French twist makes your look glamorizing and sophisticated at the same time. Wearing a French twist hairstyle is a nice idea to flaunt your astonishing Christmas outfit.

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• Start with washing and conditioning your hair.
• Remove the knots and use hair gel in order to slick back hair.
• Pull hair down (at nape of neck) and twist it.
• Fasten a clip or hair pin to keep the twist into place and apply a hairspray.

11. Half Up – Half Down Hairstyle

A half up half down hairstyle is a stylish hairstyle especially for the mid-age women.

Christmas Half Up - Half Down Hairstyle DIY Hairstyles for Christmas

• Part a section of hair from the top of your head and make a messy bun at the crown.
• Leave the rest of the hair loose.
• For alluring appearance, add some soft curls to the ends.
• Use sparkling hair accessories to upgrade the look of this hairstyle.

Hope you liked the Christmas Party Hairstyle ideas we have compiled for you. Which one you will sport this Christmas? Do share your lovely comments…