2013 French Braid Bun Ideas

A French braided bun trend continues to be super-popular and bang-on trend. However, several variations of French braid bun have now been introduced that have the pr-potency to add an instant flair to the run of the mill French braid bun. Let’s take a look at French braid dun ideas popular this season.

2013 French Braid Bun Ideas

Messy French Braid Bun

Give you classic messy bun an instant update with chic and fashionable French braid. Score the look by creating a middle part first and then grabbing a chunky hair section to weave into a French braid. Remember, the chunkier the sections would be, the heftier your braid will look. You’ll have to pick six sections and work in three pieces while braiding. At the end secure the braid with an elastic band, pull it into a ponytail and finally tie it into a low bun.

Never Ending French Braid Bun

Also referred as inside-out French braid bun, this is another fun variation of French braid bun. Whether you make a single bun or opt to double them up on both sides creating cute plait buns, the key is to pick hair from the pony-tail and add it to the French braid plaits all the way around the head. The never ending French braid bun is a cute hairstyle for dance, ballet, gymnastics and other sports.

2013 French Braid Bun Ideas-

Upside Down French Braid Bun

Down to the sophisticated while still glamorous look upside down French braid bun delivers its popularity is increasing with every passing day. Creating this hairstyle is a cinch and it looks great on mid length and long hair. Pull off the look for the upcoming party or catch all the attention of the onlookers on prom.