4 Easy Ways to Repair Brittle Hair

Silky, lustrous and long hairs are surely one of the precious beauty assets of an individual. But managing such type of hair is really tough as exposure to chemical, environmental factors, weather changes and several other elements contribute to make your hair dry and brittle.

4 Easy Ways to Repair Brittle Hair

Brittle hair not only looks dull and lifeless but also tends to become more fragile and develop split ends. If you also are depressed due to brittle and dry hair; don’t worry, you can get back your beautiful, lustrous and strong hair with the help of some simple treatments. Let’s find out how you can repair your brittle and dry hair…

How to Repair Brittle Hair

  1. Giving your brittle and dry hair a hot oil treatment is the first recommended way to restore the lost moisture and natural sheen of hair. Coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, tea tree oil and lavender oil are equally beneficial for extra dry hair. These oils provide a required nourishment to your hair and scalp, making them strong and beautiful. For hot oil treatment, take a sufficient quantity of any essential oil of you choice in a small bowl. Keep it in microwave for a while to slightly warm it. Now apply this oil into the roots of hair and gently massage with the help of fingertips. Then wear a shower cap, wash your hair after 2-3 hours. For getting rid of brittle hair and reducing permanent hair fall, use this remedy on permanent basis.
  2. For the complete protection of hair, make it sure that you are using branded hair care products. Low quality shampoos, conditioners and other hair products impart worse effects to your hair and scalp, making them brittle and dry. While purchasing any product, never forget reading the list of used-ingredients. Some hair care products contain alcohol and lauryl sulfate (SLS) which are too dangerous for the health of hair.
  3. Some preventive care is also most essential to prevent dry and brittle hair. Prolonged exposures to the sun snatch the natural moisture of hair, making them dry and brittle. So, you should cover your head with a hat or scarf before stepping out. Don’t over-wash your hair, washing your hair twice or thrice is enough. Excess use of hair styling tools like curlers, straightners and blow dryers should be avoided in this regard.
  4. The diet which you eat plays an important role in improving or reducing the overall health of your hair. For strong, healthy and gorgeous hair, put a full stop on junk and unhealthy foods. Add the foods full of vitamins and minerals in your daily diet plan. Fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, fish, meat, whole grains, lean meat, chicken and eggs are healthiest foods for your body as well as hair.

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