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4 Super-Cute Barbie Hairstyles

With admirable facial figures and cute hairstyles, the Barbie dolls are loved by all of us. They reflect the latest fashion trends in makeup and hair styling, that’s why the young girls always love to sport one of sweet Barbie hairstyles. Here we have compiled some of the super-cute Barbie hairstyles.

1. Inward Banged Hairstyle

Inward Banged Hairstyle

Inward Banged is one of the much loved Barbie hairstyle look. Sporting is cute hairstyle is a sweet gesture to bring a hallucinatory vicissitude in your whimsical personality. It is to be noted that this hairstyle demands some extra professionalism than the other ordinary hairstyles, so you need to acquire the services of an experienced hairstylist to do this.

2. Front Banged Barbie Hairstyle with Long Waves

Banged Barbie Hairstyle with Long Waves

This classical Barbie hairstyle is ideal for the girls who have long and curly locks. It provides you a perfect Barbie look. If you have straight hair, you can give it voluminous curls with the help of curling iron. Mess up the curls to end with this stylish hairstyle and apply a hair.

3. Front Banged Hairstyle with High Pony

Front Banged Hairstyle with High Pony

If you have thick, long and lustrous hair and you want to get Barbie look in minutes, then go for front banged hairstyle with high pony. Say the hairstylist to trim your hair in thick front-bangs style. Pull the rest of hair at the back and fix it, creating a high pony tail. To get more stunning look, separate out few of your hair and wrap them around pony tail.

4. Pigtail Barbie Hairstyle

Pigtail Barbie Hairstyle

Pigtail Barbie hairstyle is very popular among the school girls. You can also try this sweet and easy-to-get look. Go to your hairstylist and ask her to give you the side-fringe hairstyle with front bangs. Create two pigtails at the sides and add a bit of fine-quality hair serum for extra shine.