5 Hairstyle For Long Hair Step By Step

5 Hairstyle For Long Hair Step By Step

5 Hairstyle for long hair step by step, there are a lot of Hairstyle for long hair to look amazing but there u will find 5 most Amazing Hairstyles step by step to enhance the beauty of your hairs with a better exposure. To handle hairs with long length is always been a interesting and solvable question.Hairstyle for long hair

Hairstyle for long hair

Hairstyle for long hair step by step will be help you to manage your long hairs as well as will look beautiful to suit your face and dress.Fishtail Braid

Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braid is very commonly known and easy to use and you can make it at your home easily with these simple steps.
1. Firstly comb your hair well straight.
2. Take thick layer of hair at the backside of your hair and divide it into 2 halves from which one should slightly be thick to the other.
3. Now take 1 thick halve and divide it into 2 halves now you have three halves.
4. Now cross over them one onto other by taking few hairs alongside.
5. Now put a rubber band then keep the braid along left r right side then make further twists and at the end put another rubber band.

Long Hair Buns

Long Hair Buns

As long hair buns are very easy to make and also look beautiful on long and specially straight hairs.there are two types of buns that are usually to be used massy hair buns and low massy hair buns.Massy Long Hair Buns

Massy Long Hair Buns

Massy long hair buns are also commonly included in Hairstyle for long hair as they give a professional look and also famous in women when they use to go parties or dinners or in casual parties.Also massy long hair buns are oftenly used for thick long hairs.

1.you need to take a poonytail band and firstly you will cover all the hairs in that ponyband.
2.Here you need to give a messy look to your bun by spreading or teasing out your hairs at outward direction.
3.Now cover teased hair with hair pins by giving a look of flower. for flowering shape you should have to put your hairs in opposite direction.
4.you can also you use hair spray in this whole method to cover he hairs.

Low Twisted Bun For Long HairsLow Twisted Bun For Long Hairs

Low buns are also used for Hairstyle for long hair because of it easily manageable technique.Thre are many types of low buns techniqye out of which twsted hair bun is favorite and look beautiful.
1.First comb your hairs well.
2.Take some hairs at front side from the middle then pin up them with hair pins.
3.Now take some hair at right side and seperate them from backward hairs.
5.Now band the backward hairs with pony tail and twist the hairs in opposite direction.
6.Now take the hairs from both left and right side and pinup them with hair pins in opposite direction with the backward hairs.

Curling To Long HairsCurling To Long Hairs

Make curl of long hairs is also one of the common ways Hairstyle for long hair it is for those who want to leave their hairs free.
1.Simple comb and spray the hairs well.
2.Now divide the hairs in equal halves at the middle.
3.Make curls of hair.
4.Keep them at front from both sides.

Waterfall Hairs With Braided Stlyle

Waterfall Hairs With Braided Stlyle

Waterfall looks very beautiful to the long hairs it simply looks gorgeous and stylish and can easily be made at home also.
With a part on the right side, take a section of hair on the heavy side of the part divided into three equal parts and cross back strand over the middle then the front side. Next, cross the back strand over the middle and bring in a section of hair to create a french braid.Now cross the front strand over the middle and bring in a section of hair like in step 3.Continue braiding the three strands down into a regular braid and pin it against the head. keep hair over the top of the pin to hide it. Finish with hairspray and you are set.