5 Romantic Bridal Hairstyle For Long Hair

Long hairs always look beautiful and gorgeous and mostly people want to have them but it is often become difficult to carry them or handle them especially for brides. But here you will find most common and stylish ways to handle your hairs for your wedding day which is one of the most important day in everyone life. As hairstyle should be suit according to your dress as they provide a final and finishing look. 5 Romantic Bridal Hairstyle

5 Romantic Bridal HairstyleCardinal Red Hair Bow

Hair Bow

Hair Bow is simple and astonishing style and suit the dress whatever you have weared. To remove any tangles out of your hairs brush your hairs well. Make a ponytail at the top of your head. Creating a bow draw you hair back from ponytail now wrap the loose hairs around the ponytail. Now at the top divide loop into 2 sections and use hair gel to cover the hairs.

One Side BraidOne Side Braid

One side braid looks visionary on wedding dress nevertheless with every type of wedding dress. To make first free your hairs should free from all knots and snags. Now to give asymmetrical look to your braid part your hair towards left or right side. Now gather all your hairs opposite to the part. Divide the hairs into three layers. Now cross the two layers over the middle then repeat the cycle again and again secure the end by ponytail. Low Bun with Knot

Low Bun with Knot

Cover all your hairs in a loose ponytail above the nape of your neck and put out back some hairs out of your ponytail divide into two sections now hold your remaining hairs and wrap around your half created bun with bobby pins now gently massage your your bun to give a messy look and finishing it with hairspray. Waterfall Braid

Waterfall Braid

You can have waterfall braid by putting loose curls to your hairs or you may can have with long hairs also looking beautiful to your wedding dress no matter what shape be. Leave your hairs straight now you have to create a braid hairline around your hairs you need to start like a french braid. Take hairs in small quantity from one ear and divide into 3 strands now twist them over one another and each it to next ear secure with pins.Wavy ponytail along one side

Wavy ponytail along one side

It is a timeless bridal style and is often find in magazines and cover photos. You can curl your hairs well and keep them at front with some gorgeous and beautiful flowers