5 Secrets for Growing Hair Long

5 Secrets for Growing Hair Long

Gone are the times when long hair was for the kids only. Today the trend has changed and celebrities and the girls-next-door too are wearing sleek, erotic hairstyles.5 Secrets for Growing Hair Long

Many women crave growing out their locks long but, honestly speaking, hair doesn’t always cooperate. Since the average growth rate of hair is just 1/2-inch per month, it could take more than a year just to add six inches. But, don’t despair and don’t give up on your quest for long hair. Simply add below given five secrets to your everyday hair-care routine, you’ll surely notice a remarkable improvement in the growth of your hair.

Scalp Massages

Besides stimulating the circulation in the scalp, scalp massage also stimulates the production of natural oils that are necessary for longer and fuller hair. So, make sure to get a scalp massage daily, preferably just before taking shower. Use your finger pads to massage the scalp, moving the fingers around for 2-3 minutes.

Hair Packs

Your hair also needs hair-pack treatment once a week, besides regular washing and conditioning, to grow out long faster. So, include it in your weekly hair-care routine to treat your locks with an all-natural hair pack. Hair packs strengthen the strands and thus help reducing the hair fall. Moreover, they also render your hair a glossy look and feel.

Iron-rich Foods

Remember, hair will grow faster when they’ll be strong enough. Iron-rich foods strengthen the hair and can help stimulating the hair growth. So, include iron-rich foods such as beans, meat and spinach etc. in your routine diet.

Gentle Styling

Since you’re aiming at growing your hair long, you might have to give up a few things, such as daily use of styling tools and harsh coloring treatments. Try to opt for those hairstyles that won’t make harsh demands on hair.

Get a trim

Trimming hair regularly, preferably every six weeks, won’t actually make it grow, but will keep the ends from breaking and splitting. So, never overlook the salons and visit there three- four times a year to get your hair trimmed away to fight split ends and stray hairs.