7 Ways To Curl Your Hair Without Heat

Perfect no-heat curls are not just a dream! In fact, there are many different ways to achieve striking, gorgeous, long-lasting curls without exposing your mane to heat which cause more damage than good. And whether you want to give your sleek, straight hair an instant makeover you’re just trying to deliver your already curly or wavy hair a more defined look I am quite sure that you will find these impending seven ways to get no-heat curls very helpful:

7 Ways To Curl Your Hair Without Heat


Simply as its name suggest, this methods employs drinking straws to create curls. The curls are small, taut and well-defined and last for longer span of time. However, you may also want to separate them after they’re dried out to get a fuller look. Maintaining the straw-set curls is a gist; you just have to cover them up with a large bonnet at the night and shake them free in the morning.


The biggest plus of using these rollers to create curls these modern rollers is that you can control the size as Curlformers comes in a variety of widths and lengths to accommodate different hair. Just work a holding mousse or setting lotion through your damp hair and then get them curled with these rollers afterwards; the results will leave you with a headful of ringlets. To maintain the curls for long, get them covered with a big cap at the night.


Flexi-rods are a tailor-made alternative for those dreaming of a set of pretty no-heat spirals. They are similar to curlformers, but the hair is winded around the flexi-rods instead of putting inside the curler. You can work with damp or dry hair either, all what’s needed is to wrap the ends all the way around the rod. Also try to make it sure that your strands lie smoothly against the rod or you’ll end up with torn and tattered look on taking the rods out.

Pin Curls

Though this curling method has become outdated, it still produces excellent offshoots, especially for straightened, dry-textured hair. Split your hair in chunks and wind them is a circular pattern one-by-one. Tie them in place at the end with the help of pins. Let the curls set for a couple of hours or overnight and then let them go to experience bouncy, touchable curls.


When it comes to curling-roller, there are many ways to go down such as magnetic rollers, satin-covered sponge and foam-type rollers etc.

Magnetic rollers come in a range of sizes, allowing you to curl even short hair gently. Use these rollers onto your freshly rinsed and conditioned hair and then let your hair dry out completely before your take them off. This will deliver your frizz-free curls.

If you don’t want resorting to magnetic rollers and seeking any softer alternative then give satin-covered sponge or foam-type rollers a shot.

Rag Curls

Akin to the pin curls, the majority of folks don’t know much about rag curls too! It is actually one more inexpensive and effectual way to get well-coiffed curls. The only stuff needed is a virtually 12-inches long clean rag. Place the rag at the end of a hair section and roll it up. Secure it in place with the help of a pin or clip finally. If you want to curl the ends only, stop wrapping halfway up the hair shaft.

Bantu Knots

And last but certainly not the least, use Bantu knots as the curling tool.  Dampen the hair before creating Bantu knots for tauter and more defined curls; however, if you want fuller, moveable locks, dry out your hair fully before knotting it. One of the pluses of this technique is that knots always remain in style, so you can wear them for a few days, then let them go for an entirely different look for further few days.