9 Ways To Wear Your Hair Up

There are thousands of different hair styles which are select by the ladies according to their face cut as well as function and dress. Here are 15 different ways to make your hair style more stylish and beautiful.

9 Ways To Wear Your Hair Up

The half up, Half Down Hairstyle With a Twist

Half Down Hairstyle With a Twist

This hair style is best for women with long hair and triangular faces. This style makes your face cut more prominent and gives you very stylish look.

1. Glossy Cascading Curls

These curls go with every face shape and give a trendy and fabulous look. First you have to apply a mousse to wet the hair, then blow dry with round brush.

Glossy Cascading Curls Glossy Cascading Curls- Glossy Cascading Curls-0

2. Pretty Pompadour

Apply little mousse or gel to root up front before styling, it make it easier to braid the back length then pin your pouf.

Pretty Pompadour Pretty Pompadour- Pretty Pompadour-0

3. Sexy Pixie Cut

Wet your short hair with spray then brush it towards face with flat brush. To shape small hair into place use 1 inch curling iron.

Sexy Pixie Cut Sexy Pixie Cut-01 Sexy Pixie Cut-0

4. Classic Finger Waves

Small or medium size hot rollers are the way to whip up these waves. You have to wrap under and round so the curl sit underneath the hair.

Classic Finger Waves

5. The Pinned Back

It is short hair style, curling iron is used to bounce the hair then pin here and there for extra bounce.

The Pinned Back

6. Sassy Half Up Hairstyle

Curl your hair ends and lift the front hair up for back combing.

Sassy Half Up Hairstyle

7. Corkscrew Ringlets

These are heavy wavy curls, come with the help of curling iron.

Corkscrew Ringlets

8. The Evening Ponytail

Wrap the front and top section around the mid-height pony and pinning them underneath.

The Evening Ponytail

9. Sweeping Chignon

The trick to keeping it flowy and free is to create a deep side part, then pull hair to the same side as the part and secure low with elastic. Then take a piece from the pony, twist, wrap and pin in place. Continue to do that until all the hair is up.

Sweeping Chignon