Anne Hathaway New Hairstyle In Short Length

Anne Hathaway New Hairstyle In Short Length

Celebrities are always look conscious about their personality and their appearance in front of their fans and other people and specially female celebrities of Hollywood they never compromise on any cause. Female celebrities spend a lot of their time and money with beautician and fashion experts to make themselves more impressive and beautiful.Anne Hathaway New Hairstyle In Short Length

Hairstyle is one of that most important thing which always play an important part in making their personality impressive. So that is why they want a perfect look but Anne Hathaway has gone quite confuse after getting a new Hairstyle as she has just get it with thoughts of giving new look and that was also the requirement of her new movie but she is looking not happy with that.Anne Hathaway New Hairstyle In Short Length

30-year old American star stepped at the movie premiere of “Les Misérables”, she was looking as the most beautiful celebrity of the premiere night at Wednesday. she was dressed in the beautiful backless dress with her new hairdo was killing everyone with her personality but as to her own thinking she said that she is not feeling comfortable.Anne Hathaway New Hairstyle In Short Length

She expressed about her new hair style which made her resemblance a lot with her gay brother as she said that, “When I eventually looked in the mirror I just thought I looked like my gay brother”. The new Small sized hairdo is getting very famous in the young generation and many of the other celebrities are also getting it like Miley Cyrus sh has also got trimmed her hairs in short length but with the different style.Anne Hathaway New Hairstyle In Short Length

Anne Hathaway is getting very famous after the appearance of her movie premiere she is also famous in the Hollywood because of frequently changed hairstyle. Hathaways has started to get the reviews of the people on that particular and it is expected that this movie will become a great hit on the box office not only because of her tremendous work in Les Misérables but also because of her new hair style and stunning look on the premiere.