Ayurveda Treatments to Combat Hair Loss

Thanks to lack of attention, excessive exposure to chemicals, addiction to unhealthy, junk snacks and heat styling hair fall has become an increasing hair concern. Shedding of virtually 50 or so hair per day is considered somewhat normal. The issue actually begins when more than 100 strands begin to fall out while brushing or shampooing. In severe case, the issue may lead to baldness.

Ayurveda Treatments to Combat Hair Loss

While there are a range of products and treatments available in the market that claims to offer instant relief from the issue, but these chemical based products have potential side effects too. Therefore, resorting to natural remedies is always a better approach. Listed below are some effective Ayurveda treatments for hair loss.

Indian Gooseberries: Also known as amalaki, Indian Gooseberries is a recognized home remedy to combat excessive hair fall. To prepare the treatment, you need to mix Indian Gooseberries in water and leave overnight. They will get softer by next morning. Now, squeeze the gooseberries hard to extract its juice out and mix it with water. The potion is now ready, use it regularly in the same way as you use shampoo. You will notice remarkable improvement in your hair condition after a few days of regular use.

Banyan Tree: Believe it or not, banyan tree can play a significant role to stop hair fall. A mixture of banyan-tree root with lime juice may prove very helpful in reducing the excess shedding of hair. Do include this remedy in your hair-care routine if you’re facing the issue.

Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is an all-natural hair conditioner. A regular scalp massage with coconut oil can give head full of healthy, luscious hair within a few days.

Vitamin E: Vitamin E is very important for a healthier hair growth. It strengthens the brittle hair, making them resistant enough against the harmful factors. Furthermore, it helps improving scalp condition thus stimulates it to produce robust tress. Whether consumed orally in the form of vitamin E-rich diet or applied tropically as vitamin E-rich oils, the results are same—robust, glossy and luscious locks.

Lemon Leaves: Boil some lemon leaves in water for a couple of minutes and after filtering and cooling, use the solution as anti hair fall remedy.