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Beachy Waves With a Flat Iron

Beach waves are always in style and as soon as summer begins, many celeb are often spotted wearing beachy waves on red carpets and other glamorous events. Besides letting the water and cool ocean gust work wonders on your tress, these waves usually warrant the use of curling iron or hot rollers to get created. However, these waves can also be pulled off with a flat iron. An iron with rounded edges is best for creating smoother curls as those with square edges may bring about crimped hair.

Beachy Waves with a Flat Iron

Here is given a step by step tutorial to make beachy waves with flat iron;

Start off with utterly dried, nicely teased, knot free hair. Work a generous amount of hair protectant spray all through your hair to minimize heat damage.

Split your hair in four parts and clip the rest three parts away while you start working with the first section.

Starting underneath your hair, grab one-inch chunk at a time. Place your flat iron tightly near the roots and drag it down slowly while rotating it in a halfway turn.

Now bring the iron down the length of your hair gradually, making it sure that you slightly turn the iron the whole way down.

If you want to create more rounded, well-coiffed curls, hold the iron horizontally and for creating looser waves hold the tool vertically.

Repeat the steps for all the other sections of hair too. After reaching the point where your hair begins to fall on the sides of your face, rotate the iron off your face.

Finally, work a finishing cream or balm. Simply, get a little product onto your fingers and work it through your freshly-created curls. This will remove any frizz and give your curls a highly defined look.