Beauty Tips for Hair

Our hair is one of those features we spend most time on. We rinse our hair on regular basis to keep them clean; plus we cut, trim, curl and style them to give an instant update to our personality. Additionally, we also seem very conscious about pampering our strands well so as to maintain their health and shine.

Here are given some beauty tips for hair care I have found over the year that worked wonders for my tresses. These are things you won’t find in the hair product aisle of a drugstore or cosmetic counter but in the food and drink section.

Beauty Tips for Hair


Beer is an excellent treatment for damaged hair. A can of quality beer replenish your lusterless hair with vitamin B and essential proteins, getting it back the lost shine and health naturally. Moreover, it also creates the illusion of fullness and makes your hair looks bulky and voluminous.


As like beer, eggs are also a rich source of protein. If rubbed into the hair and scalp gently, a raw egg strengthens your locks and lifts up the cuticles to give them an instant oomph.

Coconut Oil

When it comes to hair care, the benefits of coconut oil are just innumerable. It deep conditions your hair and provides it sufficient nourishment. In addition, it also work wonder to repair damaged hair and prevent flaky dandruff and lice.


Mayonnaise is another magic ingredient for you hair. Infused with the goodness of eggs and other nourishing ingredients, mayonnaise makes your hair healthy, shiny and strong if used on regular basis.