Benefits of Henna for Hair

Benefits of Henna for Hair

Henna is an organic, plant-based ingredient that is used mostly for dyeing hair. It gives a bravura reddish-brown color to dark hair. However, it also has many other benefits for hair such as it treats hair loss and premature graying along with stimulating its growth and making it stronger and healthier.Benefits of Henna for Hair Some of the benefits of henna are listed below;

Benefits of Henna for Hair

• Henna is an all-natural treatment for hair loss and premature graying.
• It also assists a lot in maintaining healthy, luscious locks.
• It helps healing hair shaft by repairing and sealing cuticles, retains natural glow of the hair and prevents hair breakage.
• It balances the pH of the scalp and thus plays part in preventing premature hair loss.
• It treats several scalp-related issues such as dandruff, dryness etc.
• In addition, henna also prevents premature graying.
• It strengthens hair and stimulates hair growth.

Conditioning Properties of Henna

Henna is a chemical-free, herbal hair product that makes your hair look and feel soft, silky, sleek and glossy as it nourishes and conditions your locks inside out. The best way to reap the conditioning benefits of henna is by steeping it in un-sweetened yogurt and then applying all over the head. Yogurt keeps the hair from getting extra-dry along with rendering it additional shine.

Alternatively, you may want to mix henna powder in yogurt with a little lime juice. Blend all the ingredients well and apply the mixture over your hair. Wait for an hour and then rinse thoroughly.

Henna Coloring Treatment

Henna is a natural hair-color. It dyes your hair without making it look and feel brittle and fried. For using henna as hair-dye, mix the henna powder, water and lime juice leave it overnight. Apply down the length of your hair next morning and let it dry out fully. After the henna mixture is fully dried, rinse thoroughly with water.

Anti Dandruff Properties of Henna

Henna has wonderful anti-dandruff properties too. To prepare henna anti-dandruff remedy, mix ground fenugreek seeds in the above mentioned henna mixture. Make sure to add fenugreek seeds to the henna mixture in paste form. For making fenugreek seeds paste, soak some fenugreek seeds in water and let them stay overnight. Blend next morning to get a paste and add this paste to the henna mixture. Also add a few drops of lavender or peppermint oil to enhance the efficiency of henna.