Benefits Of Sesame Oil For Hair

There are lots of things that we use to get beautiful and healthy hair, there are lots of things that you can use to treat hair and scalp issues, but I am not sure if you are aware of the benefits of the cold pressed, unrefined sesame oil and this is what we are going to discuses about today, we know that old wives have been using it as a natural sunscreen for your hair as it protects your hair from harmful UV rays and other damaging impacts of sun too, this is not the all we get from this blessed oil, here are some simple ways that you can use it to help your hair with blessed looks.

You can use sesame oil if you think that your scalp is getting some kind of infection and it is getting damaged as this oil is famous natural healing oil full of antibacterial agents and it help you get beautiful and healthy scalp and will deal with your infections and fungus issues naturally.

Sesame Oil For Hair

It is very good for your hair follicles and it is very brilliant to get strong and healthy root and it is very great to get shiny and nourished hair and you can apply that directly to your hair or you can mix it with some hair pack to get intensive care.

It is very good for your hair pigmentation and it will darker your hair and will make your hair stronger hair and will treat your gray hair issues.

Now let me tell you the ways that you can use to get benefits of this magical oil.

Sesame Oil

Mix sesame oil with any other carrier/vegetable oil and apply that over your scalp for dryness, dandruff, dullness, irritating and complicated scalp and you can use it with plain form too to get the benefits.

You can use it in Hot oil treatment with olive oil and sweet almonds oil and this will help the growth of your hair.

Use it as a Daily moisturizing spritz and for that you just need to mix it with distilled or filtered water and coconut milk with any carrier/vegetable oil and shake it well and keep spraying it to get healthy hair.