Best Essential Oils for Hair Growth

Different essential oils derived from plants have been found to be very beneficial for human hair. These oils deep cleanse the scalp and strengthen and nourish the hair. Moreover, they stimulate the hair follicles and thereby play a part in stimulating hair growth too. A few of the growth boosting hair oils are given here.

Best Essential Oils for Hair Growth

Jojoba Oil

Infused with healing and nourishing properties, the Jojoba oil is very beneficial for damaged hair that ate more susceptible to breakage. Moreover, it is also known for promoting hair growth. To get most out of this oil, one is supposed to work it through their freshly rinsed, damp hair directly and let it sit for almost half an hour. Putting a little jojoba oil on to your skin just before dying your hair will help you prevent getting stains of hair ye on the skin.

Burdock Oil

It is another wonderful hair-oil that is known for its benefits for improving scalp condition, stimulating it to produce healthier tress. A regular massage with burdock oil will improve circulation in the scalp and thus will speed up the cell renewal process, leaving you with a head full of healthier hair.

Rosemary Oil

When it comes to best oils for hair growth, the significance of rosemary oil can never be overlooked. To get maximum benefits of this magical ingredient, you need to boil rosemary, sage, burdock, nettle and peach leaf together and wash your hair with this potion after cooling and straining it. This treatment, when used on regular basis, promotes healthy growth of hair.

Some other benefiting oils for healthier hair growth include tea-tree, lavender and olive oils.