Best Foods For Hair

If you are planning to get into a new life style which is not only healthy, but you can try these foods to get healthy looking natural beauty too and if you use them in small portion then you would be able to get in at least 4 size smaller dress in within three months.

Beans: all kind of bean that has silica which is one of the most important nutrients for hair and skin can be the first thing we will talk about. There are really very good and can help with hair loss, dryness, split ends and all other skin infection naturally, you can get Silica in other healthy foods like cucumbers potatoes and red and green peppers, but they have a very low amount of silica, but beans can be count as the best source of silica.

air and personally I think these are so yummy that you can live on all these foods you just need to change the way you cook them or eat them.
air and personally I think these are so yummy that you can live on all these foods you just need to change the way you cook them or eat them.

Coriander, it is not only good for your hair, but it can improve your digestive system too, it works extremely well for hair fall and dryness if you eat it or apply as a home remedies for dryness and weak follicles, if you keep using it for thinning problem then you will see some rapid results, it is helpful for detoxification too.

Cottage cheese: – it is one of the best ideas for losing weight and getting the best nutritionals portions possible, I know that there is lots of issue with using dairy products, but you cannot quit source of calcium completely, but if you are feeling that you want to get some healthy protein without getting any weight then try cottage cheese which is not only good for your body but it can provide the best calcium and protein possible.

Asparagus: – this is a best thing that you can provide to your body to maintain healthy and strong hair follicles and if you have strong and healthy scalp and hair follicles then I guess you don’t need anything else and you can enjoy the healthiest and strongest hair, Asparagus contains lot of folic acid, vitamin B vitamin A, C and folic acid and this is very good against germs infections and other issues.
Flax seeds: – is the best source of iron, omega 3s and all other healthy vitamins and if you cannot eat fishes or other sea food then this is one thing that can provide all the necessary minerals and benefits.

Dry fruits and Nuts: – if you think that you cannot get time to look after your food and you cannot take care of your minerals and vitamins intake then this is the solution, just pocket some handful mix nuts and dry fruits, and eat them while you are working, driving or walking and you would enjoy the best minerals and vitamins possible.

Green Vegetables: you can eat all kind of green vegetables to get all the healthy nutrition you need, if you are not cooking them that means you are getting all the healthy benefits nature kept in these green vegetables , so eat row vegetables as much as possible and if you really have to cook then try to bake them or rosette them if you eat a vegetable curry then these vegetable cannot provide you anything at all.

There are lots of things that you can do to get healthy hair, but if you really looking for some results then strop misbehaving with your hair, don’t use harsh products, don’t use horrible technology to get look temperately cause this will destroy your beauty for permanently.