Best Way To Dye Your Hair

Best Way To Dye Your Hair

Best Way To Dye Your Hair – Now a day it is in trend to dye your hair in different colors .But to dye your hair that looks natural and also makes your personality gorgeous, is fun and also difficult task. Usually man uses the hair dye to cover their grey hair. But women use the hair dye to give change in their looks, to brighten their hair color and to cover the grey hair. Whatever the reason may be the selection of right hair dye is important step.

Best Way To Dye Your Hair

Here are some quick guide lines which help you in selecting the   most appropriate dye for you:

  • First to make sure what kind of dye you need natural or semi permanent. When you select   type of dye you must consider the chemicals used in them. Some dyes contain the contents which damage the hair texture.

Best Way To Dye Your Hair

  • Choose the color that blends well with your natural color. The lighter color you select will cause more damage to your hair.
  • Consider your skin tone while choosing the hair dye. Platinum or a cool ash blonde or wheat to chestnut brown are suitable colors for cool skin tones.

Best Way To Dye Your Hair-

  • Dark browns, deep burgundy reds, or even bluish black hairs are suitable for medium skin tones have olive shade undertones.
  • Beige blondes, strawberry reds, and pale golden browns colors are suited for warm skin tones with peach or golden under tones.

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  • Deep honey blondes, chestnut browns, or copper reds dyes looks great with slightly warm skin tones.

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  • The use of highlighter is also in trends, it is easy in use with less hair damage. But if it is used to already colored hairs then it will cause the great damage and to the hairs which are chemically treated.

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  • It is better to consult a hair specialist who will select the appropriate dye after  examining the hair texture, your skin tone and will guide you according to latest trends.