Best Way To Use Hot Rollers

Sometime when you have or blessed with silky straight and smooth hair you always like to have some smooth waves and some curl in your hair and you pay a lot for that too, but if you know how to use hot roller in your own hair then I bet you don’t have to pay for that and I seriously think that if you pay bit attention, you would be actually able to get a celebrity look in no time and when you know how to do that, you can be innovative with that and you can be artistic too so here are a simple and the perfect way to apply hot rollers in your own hair.

Best Way To Use Hot Rollers

First of all you need to prepare your hair and for that we will start with leave-in, heat activated creme and it is best if you have rashly washed hair and it would be great if you apply a thick moisturizer or conditioner, and then when you feel that they are getting a bit dry then you should apply some kind of heat resistant cream and comb them completely and finally, and you should add some hair serum too now just bed over and comb all of your hair in front and blow-dry it straight, keep brushing them and keep adding some volume in your hair too and you need to make sure that your hair are completely dry before you start the procedure.

Best Way To Use Hot Rollers-

Now when you know that your hair are completely dry you need to make it really sure cause if they are not, hot rollers could potentially damage your hair too and extremely badly, now when you are sure you need to add some hair spray and let your hair get dry for 4-6 minutes and now we will start with rollers.

Best Way To Use Hot Rollers-0

You need to divide your hair into seven sections with the aid of hair clips and make sure that they are fully covered and none portion is getting in any other portion, now you need to take a roller and strata from the end of your hair an roll it with very care and neatly, and for that you should to comb the chosen section of hair with a wide tooth comb until it is straight and start from the end and roll with properly without getting too hurry and use the size which is appropriately for your hair and your hair cut and when you are done with your rollers secure them with clips, and now the time is for spray and for that you should cover your eyes and spray all over your hair and make sure you are not forgetting the bottom layer of your hair, if you fell they are getting tight or heavy for your scallop then you can cover your hair with net cap and that’s it.

When you remover then you just need to untie all of them and set with your hands, never ever use brush or comb for your hair.