Biotin: A Necessary Nutrient for Proper Hair Growth

Biotin! A Necessary Nutrient for Proper Hair Growth

Thick, healthy and beautiful hair imparts a positive impact to an individual's personality that's why not only females but males also are so conscious about their hair growth and maintenance. They try almost everything that is supposed beneficial for hair.

Biotin! A Necessary Nutrient for Proper Hair Growth

But unfortunately, while implementing hair care procedures, mostly people forget the significance of vitamins and minerals for proper hair growth. There are many vitamins that are essential to keep your hair healthy and gorgeous. One of such vitamins is biotin. Let's know what is biotin and how can we get it for proper hair growth.

What is Biotin

Biotin – that is also known as vitamin H – is one of the B complex vitamins. As this beneficial nutrient is soluble in water, so your body cannot store it and you need to consume its sufficient quantity on daily basis. Biotin helps your body in transforming food into energy, breaking down the proteins and fats. Along with the other health benefits, biotin is necessary for healthy nails, skin and hair. Hair fall is closely related to biotin deficiency so it is more often used for curing this problem.

Biotin plays an important role in cell proliferation, that's why it is considered as a best tool for proper hair growth. After ingestion in the body, biotin triggers the production of amino acids that are building blocks of protein. As all of us know that our hair are consist of keratin – a form of protein, so biotin rich foods are advantageous for healthy hair growth.

How to Get Biotin

Several foods contain biotin, so eating a balanced and healthy diet is a best way to consume the recommended quantity of Biotin. Legumes, egg yolks, walnuts, fish and dairy products are best sources of this crucial vitamin. In addition, you can also get Biotin supplements to promote strong and healthy hair growth but before it, consult your health provider to know the possible side effects.