Black Hair Care Tips Dandruff Look So Prominent in Black Hair

Every woman wants to look beautiful and hair is one of the most important and vital impact to look sexy and beautiful so here are some tips to make black hair beautiful and healthy naturally. Keep Black Hair Dryness Free To Give Them Healthy Shin.

Dandruff look so prominent in black hair and with the passage of time they start looking dull soul less and health less and if you want to look beautiful and keep relaxed while you have jut natural hair then you need to keep an eye on your dryness, there are so many products can herbs that can help your dryness, and we have talked about how to handle dryness naturally few weeks ago o if you look for that article you will find how easy it is to handle dryness with natural herbs.

Black Hair Care Tips Dandruff Look So Prominent in Black Hair

if you have natural jet black hair then try a mixture of henna and lemon juice for your dryness, this will give you a amazing shine too and at the same time this will help with your dryness too , if you have time then try to let moisturized your hair for full day or otherwise you can apply that for one or two hour and then wash it with simple baby shampoo and natural water

Massage with Coconut Oil: – Without any doubt and without any argue, coconut oil is the magic potion for natural black hair, actually black hair has some kind of hard texture that need thick fatty oils to help the hardness of hair and coconut oil is one of the most strong and one of the most deep conditioning oil and it help making hair smooth and silky and if you have any kind of scalp issues too this oil will help your scalp issues too.

Now I am going to share few very important tips for your day to day life to have good hair

1- Cover your hair when you go out
2- Never try to get a hairstyle that need so much back-combing, it is not good for your hair
3- Drink lots of water
4- Keep your hair clean
5- Try hair serum even if you are using best conditioner for your hair
6- Massage you hair and scalp before washing your hair
7- Try using things which have herbs in it
8- Oiling is good
9- Don’t use unnecessary straightening and protective gels they will actually kill your natural shin
10- Eat healthy