Bob Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair

Bob Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair & Difference Hairstyle

Bob Short Hairstyles is a versatile haircut that goes with almost every hair type and face shape. Where it adds volume to the thin hair making them appear heavy and profuse, it also help those with thicker tresses by taking the volume off hence making their hair more manageable and easy to deal with. Moreover, it is easy to carry and hence may prove extremely handy for working ladies.

Bob Short Hairstyles

Bob Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair
Bob Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair

When it comes to short bob hairstyle for thick hair, there are many roads to go down. Be it a straighter, sleeker bob or a messier, edgier one, everything has the tendency to glam your personality up in a jiffy. Here we are presenting some best bob short hairstyles for thick hair; check them out!!!

Chin-length Bob:

This spectacular style is excellent for those having straight locks. To create this effortless hairstyle you just need to blow your hair out with a small-sized round brush while lifting them up at the roots. Finally spritz a quality hairspray allover to make your style enduring. The style equally works for synthetically straightened as well as thin and fine hair.

Chin-length Bob
Chin-Length BOB

Straight Sophisticated Bob:

If you’re a working lady and have always been short on time then this style is just for you. Not only it is easy-to-create it also lets your cut and color shine hence getting you all the attention you want. All you need to do to get this classy look is blowing your locks dry after applying a straightening serum and then part them just a little bit off-center. Lastly apply frizz-fighting product to prevent flyaways.

Straight Sophisticated Bob
Straight Sophisticated BOB

Messy Bob:

Sick off run-of-the-mill bob hairstyles???? Dare to get messy, just-outta-bed look!!! This funky dramatic cut need to be created with extreme caution or will leave you looking like a clown. To begin, coat your tresses with a thickening spray and then blow them dry roughly, using your fingers, lifting the roots up towards the crown. Thereafter, work a quality texturizing pomade through the hair (after rubbing it between your palms) curling them around the fingers. To finish fluff your ‘do with fingers and apply hairspray.

Messy Bob
Messy BOB