Body Wave 101 Hair Tips

Body Wave 101 Hair Tips

Body Wave 101 Hair Tips – It’s time to overlook creepy corkscrew perms from history. Latest trend in hair revolution is body wave. Body wave is a looser and less-structured wave that gives tresses a texture without prominently defining curls.

Body Wave 101 Hair Tips-

To give your locks more enthusiasm we are presenting primer in body wave 101.

Know the expectation; Body wave is flawless for people straight or wilted hairs who would like to add more energy to their hair. This wave is equally useful for those who previously have frizzy and wants polish their look.

Organize your Hair. Perms put pressure on hairs so it is recommended not to go for a body wave on damaged or weak hair.

 Body Wave 101 Hair Tips-0

Know the Price. A body wave will normally costs around $50and approximately two hours of time.

Opt for big curls. Ask your stylist to use grander rods and not smaller ones to give your tresses the body without the whorl.

Body Wave 101 Hair Tips

Give proper time to settle down.  Curls want time to “settle” so plan your body wave at least 48 hours before an important event.

Hair will look shorter. The additional size shaped by your body wave will consume some of the hair length. This makes tresses to look shorter mostly for couple of inches.