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Braided Twister Hairstyle

In this Tutorial, we are going to teach to do a Braided Twister Hairstyle, a hairdo which is common with several renowned Hollywood celebrities.

Braided Twister Hairstyle

The key to our braided twister hairdo is to begin with well-combed smooth hairs. You can create this elegant style in just five minutes if you learn all the tips and techniques. Steps to follow to create a perfect braided twister hairstyle are given below.

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Step I
After teasing your hair well to remove any kinks and knot do a simple side part.

Step II
Next grab two sections of your hair from the frontal section, leaving the rest of the hair as it is. Just make sure that the hair pieces you’ve taken are thick enough to do a twist.

Step III
Make a twist with these two hair pieces and secure the end with a hair clip to make it stay in place.

Step IV
You can now complete the hairdo with a basic three-strand braid. To make a simple braid, first divide your hair in three equal sections, taking twisted hair as the middle section and criss-cross both the side strands over and under the middle strand. Continue the braid down the length of your hair and secure the ends with a ponytail holder.

Step VI
Finally, fix the twisted hair in the braid at the rear with a hairpin and that’s it. Now you’re ready to flaunt your sleek Braided Twister Hairstyle.

Braided Twister Hairstyle