Braids Hair Trend for Spring/Summer 2012

Braids Hair Trend for Spring Summer 2012

Braids are among the hottest hairstyling trends for Spring/Summer 2012 season. Braids offers you a variety of styling options from milkmaid braids to fishtails to braided up-dos and you can wear any of them on daily basis and for special occasions too. Braids Hair Trend for Spring Summer 2012Moreover, you can entail braids into your regular hairstyles, especially up-dos.

Braids Hair Trend for Spring/Summer 2012

Milkmaid Braids

One of the hottest braid hair trends of this season is milkmaid braid. This sleek and stylish braided hairstyle suits almost every face. For added glam you can adorn your milkmaid braid with any bold hair accessory.

Loose Braid

Loose braid is another sleek braiding hairstyle that looks both glamorous and well-suited for daily wear. At Valentino all the hair was braided in a loose braid that looks both glam and suited to everyday wear. Add a few stray hairs to the look to add flair.

Full Braided Hair

Full braided hair is one more elegant style which when combined with pretty hair accessories look incredibly chic.

Dracula-esque Braids

Dracula-esque braids, another hip braiding style, features two simple braids and an easy way to make your hair look voluminous.

Multiple Braids

Multiple braids serve effectively to create a chic and voluminous updo.

One more braiding style involves incorporation of braids into an edgy ‘do with side-parting and loose wisps. The braid itself is slack and voluminous.

Another braided hairstyle that I personally love a lot was worn by a model at John Rocha. She decorated her braids with all sorts of hair accessories from hair bands to wire structures and fixed one braid at the temple to create a faux fringe.

Above given are some of the hottest braiding trends, find the one you love the most; wear it for any occasion and collect flattering remarks from your mates and pals.
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