Caramel Brown Highlights With Dark Brown Hair

While with lots of women trying our new, dramatic hair colors, the 2013 season seems to be an experimental one, but some preceding trends that were popular enough in the recently concluded year also have managed to cement their place in the hottest trends this season. One such trend is of spicing up your hair with addition of lowlights and highlights. Caramel highlights are some of the most popular highlights this year.

Caramel Brown Highlights With Dark Brown Hair

Because of being trendy and versatile, caramel highlights have become a sweetheart of many including celebrities. Many Hollywood celebs such as Eva Longoria, Miley Cyrus and Beyonce showed off caramel highlights on over-glamorous red carpet events and it has increased the obsession for caramel brown highlights even more.

While the caramel brown highlights are versatile enough to look good with any hair color, it looks extremely wonderful on dark-shaded hair. Nowadays, we are witnessing dark brown hair with caramel brown highlights everywhere and the reason behind this growing trend is that caramel tone works beautifully. However, it seems that not everyone can pull this look off.

Caramel Brown Highlights With Dark Brown Hair-

Brunette beauties can elegantly give their curls plenty of dimension with caramel brown accents. You may also want to team the ceramal up with any other complementing tone like blonde and a chic hairdo for a spectacular look.

The best thing about caramel brown highlights is that you can work the look and make it work for you by playing a bit with your base color. Although, you might be unable to go too dark as you’d like to counterbalance the caramel highlights, but you can get the desired warmer, trendier feel with a lighter base color.

So ladies!!! Try the look and let us know how did you find it!!!!