Care For Natural Black Hair

Care For Natural Black Hair

The black hairs are kinkier as compared to the hair of other races. It seems to be difficult to handle and manage. But you get acquainted and used to styling them you must say that thank God I have natural black hair. Care For Natural Black HairThere are certain tips for styling them and caring them which we can follow easily.

  1. At first you have to just pay attention in three aspects of hair.
    • Moisturizing.
    • Conditioning
    • Trimming

    If only these three are done with care and at regular basis it is much easy for you to handle the natural black hair.
    As these hairs are more vulnerable to any drying element they need extra moisturizer. Use only that light product which has light oils in their ingredients. These can be easily absorbed in the hair strand and become the part of the hair texture. A.J. Johnson of AJES the Salon in Chicago encourages the clients the products which have less content of beeswax, lanolin and petroleum jelly. These attract the dirt particles to stick with the hair and create greasiness in hair. Light weight oil helps the hair not to damage and avoid the splitting of the free ends of the hair.

  2. Comb the damp hair neither when they are fully wet and nor when they are completely dried. The comb used to detangle this hair is with wide and long bristles. The short and narrow bristles create great mess in the hair. Similarly the wooden comb is considered best for this hair as compared to the plastic combs because the plastic comb produce electrostatic charges in the hair and these damage the hair.
  3. Do brush your hair regularly but not to over brush. Brushing make the blood circulation fast and help in improper functioning of the follicles. But over brush will damage and make the roots weak.
  4. If you want to use straighter for your hair not to use old fashioned comb but the ceramic flat iron straighter do work best. Section your hair in small strands and use the flat iron straighter from scalp to free ends.
  5. Deep conditioning is necessary to maintain the lusterless in the texture of the naturally black hair .It make the super kinkier hair more manageable and softer.
  6. Braided styles are always give good look and more easy to handle with such hair. With this you can easily maintain your hair with little effort.

Though all these create a stress but if you get used to in applying these in daily routine it become easier for you to manage these type of hair.