Causes and Treatment of Damaged Hair

Causes and Treatment of Damaged Hair

Today many women complaint about hair damage but don’t stop experimenting on their hair with different so-called haircare and hair styling products. Using hair care and styling products, hot roller, coloring processes curling irons, and blow dryers on regular basis utterly damage the hair.

Causes and Treatment of Damaged Hair
Causes and Treatment of Damaged Hair

Symptoms and Cause

There are various signs of hair damage depending on the event or events that brought about the damage. Hair breakage, dullness, discoloration and roughness of hair and the split ends are the general symptoms of damaged hair.

Environmental stressors such as rain, pollution, wind, pool and saltwater, and sun, abrasive chemicals, too much perms, hair bleaching or coloring and even excessive teasing damage the hair badly.

In spite of the cause, you can regularly do something to bring a bit improvement in your hair condition.

Treatments for Damaged Hair

A number of products and rigorous treatments are on the market today that help in patching up the destroyed hair to some extant. These products are made up of silicon based polymers or hydrolyzed keratin that fixes those small breakups on your hair fiber and wrap a protective layer over your hair thereby restore shiny hair for you.

Damaged hair treatments and healing products includes intensive conditioning, reconstruction agents and moisturizing. Reconstruction agents serve to substitute keratin loss. Two types of treatments are there – one for dry and overheated hair and the other for damages triggered by chemically treated hair.

These products also prevent and reduce further damage to the hair by offering additional protection.

Hair Split Ends

Split ends is a type of hair damage that can be easily controlled. The reason behind occurrence of this damage is toweling the hair vigorously when it is wet, excessive blow-drying, bleaching, perms or excessive coloring. Sun exposure also contributes to split-ends. Thin hairs are relatively more susceptible to splitting.

The way to repair split-ends is regular trimming and special serums with polymers that help healing the damaged hair. Serums, however, provide a momentary solution.