Causes of Damaged Hair & Damaged Hair Treatment Diy

Causes Of Damaged Hair & Damaged Hair Treatment Diy

We are going to try to tell you what actually damage your hair and what are the main reasons of dull and dry damaged ugly looking hair so that you can prevent all of these and get healthy beautiful hair naturally.

There are lots of things that make your hair lose the natural look and the most horrible things are Perms, highlights, extensions and all other artificial things that we use to actually get beautiful looks, it is okay if you do that once in a year, but if you keep changing things and keep experiment then you will end up with ugly looking rouge and unhealthy hair, r you ready to make this sacrifice to get a temporary look? Ask that question when you next time pal not do something new with your hair.

Causes of Damaged Hair

Causes Of Damaged Hair
Causes Of Damaged Hair

Bleaching is a horrible thing to do to your hair, and the entire chemical penetrates the cuticle of your hair and makes your hair and roots so dull and dry and it is impossible to make it work normally once you have killed the whole moisturizer of your hair, once it kills the natural pigment of your hair then you will never get it back and if you start using it permanently you will actually start killing your hair and anything you do after that like dying, straighter or anything at all, you will make things worse and even more damaged.

I remember once it was a very famous phenomena that if you want thick beautiful hair then brush your hair more than 100 time which is a totally myth cause that will actually injure your follicles and injure your scalp and make your hair weak and unhealthy, Over-brushing your hair can cause split ends and breakage, and what if you are using a bad and ill designed brush? It will give you even more harm and damages.

Causes Of Damaged Hair

Try to stay natural and simple as much as possible, simplicity is the most famous sophistication and use healthy food and healthy vegetable and drink lots of water and use home remedies for your hair treatments.