Causes Of Hair Loss In Women and Why a Woman Losses Her Hair

Everyone loses hair, it is not something very big deal, and man loses hair all the time throughout the year, and it is not very unusual but if a woman loses 1000 hair a day and the growth rate of new hair is less than that then it is unusual and unhealthy so let’s see what might be going to wrong in and why a woman losses her hair.

Causes Of Hair Loss In Women and Why a Woman Losses Her Hair

Telogen Effluvium

One of the 100s reason of losing hair in woman, Telogen effluvium is a phenomenon that occurs after pregnancy, most of the woman lose their hair after their deliveries, but then they start getting them back immediately and by the time when the kid celebrate its first birthday, mums get all the hair back or more , there are some other reasons too to lose their hair including, major surgery, drastic weight loss, or extreme stress, but if it doesn’t show that they are getting their hair back then they need help, professional and medical too.

Hereditary Hair Loss

Another reason could be if you have less hair in your family and specially in your mom side then there are a huge chance that you will get the same problem too, so that is one thing that you cannot handle naturally, there is no home tip for such kind of hair loss, you got to take some medical help regarding that, even if you are eating good and if you are making all the efforts but if you still not getting the results then there is one option open for you all the time and that is surgery and hair transplant so don’t be upset.

Use Of Bad Products: Sometimes girls use horrible things like hair products, beauty products and some other products and it is okay when they use it in their 20s or 30s but when you use them in your teen age they completely ruin the cells and they never get repaired completely and some time they kill the natural follicles they get woman boldness eventually so in your teens listen to your mother and don’t use horrible harsh products to have the beauty throughout the life and if you have such kind of hair loss then there are some tips for you to do in our site and you can try them and get your hair back.

Be natural to get natural looks and healthy life and stay beautiful