Celebrities and Their Hair Stylist in Front of Camera

Celebrities and Their Hair Stylist in Front of Camera

For celebrities there dressing is everything as they cannot compromise with their appearance and personality that’s why they always full attention toward their dressing so while having dressing they need everything perfect let me drag your attention to one of the most important thing of the celebrity which they cannot let go on any cost and that is their hair style. and for that they need the perfect hair stylist. Every celebrity has its own make up artist and hair stylist hair i am going to let you introduced with the hairstylist of the famous celebrities.Celebrities and Their Hair Stylist in Front of Camera

First of all I would like to tell you about the hair stylist of the famous and scandalous celebrity of the Hollywood that is Kristen Stewart. She is very crazy about her hair stylist as she think that he is the guy who make her personality and derive it to the Impressive mode. Adir Abergel is her hair stylist they both are together from eight year where they met at the first time. It was a photo shoot.

Kristen Stewart said about him that, ‘We’ve known each other forever. Adir pretty much, I mean, he kind of owns my hair.’ Further she said that, ‘I was never OK having a ‘do’ – I always wanted my hair to look like it fell perfectly, but not perfect.’ While her stylist said that she was fell in love with her when he watched him for the first time.

After that a lot of the other celebrities has their own hair stylist like 26- old Dianna Agron the glee star said about her hair stylist, Georgie Eisdell, that ‘I learned a lot of tips from Georgie: angle up, no sad eyes. I’ll stay up extra late, not on purpose, but because I know she can work absolute wonders.’

After her Amanda Seyfried who think that her hair stylist, Jenny Cho is her friend as he has designs her personality very smoothly she said, ‘Jenny is the only person who cuts my hair. It’s more easily styled because she’s given it a very specific cut. It’s nice that I can count on her not only as a hairstylist but as a friend. I know my hair is always going to look beautiful.’ in that response Jenny said that, ‘I feel like I’ve known Amanda forever. I know what she loves for breakfast. She loves her porridge.’

Hair comes another pair of celebrity and her makeup woman and hair stylist whose relation has been built on love and trust that is Sarah Jessica and her hair stylist, Leslie Lopez, Leslie Lopez said about her that Sarah is ‘not only a client, she’s someone I care for. She’s down to earth, fun and compassionate.’

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