Celebrity Hair Styles For Your Big Day

There are so many things that make a bride what she look on her big day, her jewellery, makeup body and not to mention her hair style and one can get the best look with the best looking hair style and for that you just need to see a resemblance in a celebrity, you need to see if there is any famous person who has your bone structure and your kind of hair and then you just need to see what she does on her body day and does it look good on her or and then you just need to get a hair do inspired to that look, I did not say copy I said insider.

Here are some simple Celebrity Bridal Hairstyles that you can try on your own wedding day accordingly

Kareena Kapoor wedding hair tied bun

My all time favorite woman on this wide plant earth Kareena Kapoor, she looked magical on her big day, and on all of the day of her wedding and I loved her pink long shirt dress made by Manish, she was looking so cute and with very small amount of jewelery for her wedding, and with all these loud things she kept her hair very simple and elegant, she chose to keep her hair tied up in a neat bun which was highlighting her neck and her perfect body structure, but after that she changed her look with traditional nawabi wedding dress and wore the trademark maang teeka, which was making her so beautiful and so cute too.

Aishwarya Rai wedding her long long braid

Next celebrity that we are going to talk about is Aishwarya Rai, she opt for a loud and extremely glamorous look for her big day, she picked a cultural fusion for the day as she was looking a pretty traditional south-Indian bride with gorgeous south-Indian saree and her hair was the main focus of her whole look with her  long braid that came down till her waist which was traditionally decorated with the pure Gold flowers matched to her jewellery and ornaments , it look nice and if you like that look then you can try that, I personally don’t like it though.

Lara Dutta Christian wedding hairstyle

Now I have a very cutter look for those who is going to pick modern wedding and I love the way Lara Dutta made her Christian wedding so cute with her sweet and cute big day, Lara Dutta decided to wear her hair in a chignon, with the hair from the front pulled back and shaped in a bun on the top of her head and she picked a small tiara-like ornament to make her look even more cuter and beautiful and you can do that look if you have such a strong features that you don’t need your hair to hide them.
Be yourself on your big day but there is no harm to get some inspiration from someone who looked cute on her bog day.