Celebrity Unique and Long Hairstyle

The gorgeous celebrity hair style

Celebrity Unique and Long Hairstyle is looking very awesome and very gorgeous on girls. This type of hairs are very likeable by the girls, specially actress. There are three celebrities hair styles which are given as below:

1. Julie Bowen

2. Demi Lovato

3. Reese Witherspoon

Julie Brown Looks very Polite and very gorgeous

Julie Bowen created a stunning hairstyle for the 2011. In SAG Awards she adopted this hair style. Where she took the stage as part of the best TV comedy ensemble. Julie Bowen wore a long and straight hairstyle with side-swept bangs that showed off her golden blonde hue. She has beautiful hairs and she parted these into middle side and also she has the blonde hair color. The middle side of the hair is looking little bit dark and rest of the hairs are blonde. She has smooth and straight hairs which increases her look. She manage to change the styles of her locks wherever she wants.

Reese Witherspoon adopted the blonde and silky hair style

Reese Witherspoon adopted now a day modern messy curls. She owned the very gorgious, shinning and blonde color hairs. She loved with her hairs and she combed well and parted the hairs into the middle side and remaining all the hairs are fallen on to her shoulders. She use no establishment or ornaments except of some little earing. her hairs having a spiral shape from down side and which looks very good. Although she use pilable waxes products to create this messy and blonde color hair. She adopted the ponny tail, bun, short hairs style earlier too. All types of hairs are looking very unique on her.She looks glamrous in these hair styles.

Demi Lovato looks good

Demi Lovatos Voluminous Ponytail hairstyle is looking good on her. She feels very relax and good in this hair design. She combed well her hairs and she combed her hairs on back and then she pinned to the hairs and rest of the hairs are bined in a band and make a pony tail and she looks gorgeous in this hair style. Demi Lovato afopted these hair styles or her brunette locks in a voluminous ponytail with front pouf at the 2011 Do Something Awards held at the Hollywood Palladium over the weekend.She looks very awesome and she wear this pony tail with gorgrous and very tight dress which looks extreemly cool and very brilliant.