Color Your Hair Without Any Damage

If you are planning to dye your hair then you need to follow these tips few before dying and few after dying and you will be able to get the trendy shade too with healthy silky damaged free hair, First of all we are going to help you see if you should or should not go for hair color.

Color Your Hair Without Any Damage

Never ever dye or apply any kind of chemical on damaged hair so first of all you need to see if you have healthy hair or not, try all of those measures that we shared with you to get healthy hair and if you feel that you have spit ends, damaged hair, dry or weak hair then never ever apply dye on these hair, you will literally lose your hair and am not saying that I am warning you that if you apply dye on unhealthy hair then you will lose your hair.

Color Your Hair Without Any Damage-

If you are using dye for very first time then they always try ammonia free hair colors and that shows that product is not too harsh on your hair and will not damage your hair and you just need to give it a little more time that it is instructed in the paper of the dye.

Color Your Hair Without Any Damage-0

If you feel that your hairs is getting curled then wash it immediately, Keep it only for the recommending time and wash it off immediately and use the mildest shampoo possible. If you are using dye for first time then try the shade that is closest to your natural hair color and that will show you the right shade of your skin tone too.

Color Your Hair Without Any Damage-01

Use conditioner and try some intensive care shampoo and conditioner….
Always use a product that has sunscreen protection in it too natural and try to sue sun block hair spray after that too cause now you have the thinnest and the weakest hair that can get damaged in no time and you should look after that….
Condition your hair twice a week and use home remedies for that because they are best, but now you cannot try henna for that but younger and essential oils are still in your options.

Always use cold or lukewarm water to wash your hair because hot water can damage them easily.