Conditioner for African American Hair

The folks, who have African-American, usually find it difficult to manage their hair because this type of hair is more susceptible to get effected by environmental factors than other types of hair. You need to pay some extra attention towards hair care if you have African-American hair because a little lack of attention can make your hair dry and fragile. In addition to washing the hair regularly, moisturizing and conditioning is also essential to keep the African-American hair manageable.

Conditioner for African American Hair

The cosmetic stores offer a number of choices when you go for purchasing a hair conditioner. There are several conditioners that are specifically designed for African-American hair. You can choose the one which is best suitable for you hair. While buying the shampoo or conditioner, always insist for branded product, never compromise on the quality of product. Don’t forget reading the “constituents list” of the product that you are going to purchase. This will help you make sure that it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. Don’t buy the shampoo or conditioner which contains Mineral Oil, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Petrolatum, Methyl, Propyl, Isopropy, Butyl, and Ethylparaben. These all elements make your hair extra dry and brittle.

Some conditioners contain natural ingredients i.e. coconut, rosemary, jojoba or olive. Such conditioners are ideal for the African-American because these natural ingredients provide your hair a complete nourishment, making it soft, manageable and full of life.

Conditioner for African American Hair-

Homemade Conditioner

If you don’t want to invest on over-the-counter hair conditioner, you can make a homemade conditioner using natural ingredients. Here is a simple recipe to make a most effective conditioner for African-American hair.

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Olive Oil and Egg Hair Conditioner

Take an egg in a small bowl and beat it thoroughly until it becomes fluffy. You can change the amount of eggs according to the length of your hair. Now mix two tablespoons of olive oil in beaten egg. Spread this mixture onto your hair from roots to tips and wear a shower cap. Keep it on for about half hour. Once the recommended time is over, wash the hair using a best-quality shampoo.