Curl Your Hair Without Heating Tools

Have you ever tried to get some perfect roles without heating and damaging tools? What was the result? Did you like it? Well I tried some very innovative and very interesting things and that not actually worked for me, but I looked good too, and you don’t even have to use heating tools which not only damage the upper most layer of your hair, but kill the natural shine of your hair and you cannot use it again and again, but the way I am using, although they are not as quick as heating tool could be, but still they are worth trying since they will keep your hair beautiful and safe and will give you a doll face look too.

Here are couples of ways that you can try to get curly hair without heat.

Curly Hair By Tying Your Hair Up

Get Curly Hair By Tying Your Hair Up: -This is a very interesting and very cute way to get beautiful curly hair, although it will take 4-12 hours, I know sound too long, but it is safe, so if you have something special that you need to go in the morning or next evening then you can give it a try, and for that you need to pay all of your attention on the texture of your hair, apply the right kind of hair mask, I use avocado with olive oil or yogurt and mustard oil and apply all over your hair before you wash your hair and then apply a thick layer of conditioner on your hair, if you have leave in conditioner then it would be best and then when you wash it off take some protein serums and let it get dry for 2-3 minutes and then comb your hair well and then tie it up in a small bun or you can make a tail of your hair and then make a bun of your hair and let it get dry of 4-12 hours and then untie it and run your finger and you will love the perfect cruel of your hair.

Get Curly Hair Using Rollers

Get Curly Hair Using Rollers: – If you have time and you don’t like the tie your hair look then you can use plain rollers too to get the perfect curls, and for that you need to follow all of your steps that we used in first way till washing your hair and then comb your hair well after applying the protein serum and then fix the rollers in your hair and cover all the rulers with a plain hair bandana and enjoy it for 4-9 hours and then use some mild hair spray in your hair before you untie your rollers and then run your fingers in your hair and you can enjoy perfect curls without heating tools.

Best of luck.