Delicious Foods for Healthy Hair!

Delicious Foods for Healthy Hair!

Modern science offers us a variety of products including hair serums, lotions, gels, potions and creams etc. for the enhancement of our natural beauty. But, they real secret of healthy and glossy hair is in our fridge not in the medicine cabinets. That’s right! Healthy, nutritious and glorious food is actually the building blocks of beauty.Delicious Foods for Healthy Hair!

Our hair is at the mercy of the elements. In the summertime the conditioners and chlorine leave our hair dry and dreary while in winters it turn weak and brittle thanks to the dry heat. So, it’s time to learn the ways to get beauty from inside out.

There are scrumptious foods touted to stop hair loss or promote hair growth. The most amazing thing is that these all are healthy foods whether you care about hair or not.


It is suggested as a wonderful food for beauty by many dermatologists. Salmon and other coldwater fish are believed to have anti-aging properties. These fish are rich sources of protein and omega 3. The premium quality protein found in salmon help accelerating cellular repair, strengthening the hair as well as promoting the growth rate of your hair.

Egg Yolks

Egg yolk is rich sources of vitamins essential for healthy hair and is helpful for both internal as well as external hair treatment. So, you can eat egg or can create a healthy for your hair mask with egg yolk. Mixture of egg yolk with olive oil is a great external hair treatment. Simply mix both the ingredients thoroughly, lather, wash and repeat.


Spinach is another natural ingredient that’s highly beneficial for hair growth. It can be consumed grilled, sautéed or even raw. A renowned nutritionist and the author of “Food Cures,” Joy Bauer, writes on her healthy living blog; “This leafy vegetable is excellent for your body for many reasons, not the least of which is hair health.”