Demi Moore Long Hair Fishtail Braid

Demi Moore, Long Hair Fishtail Braid

Demi Moore is very pretty and very energetic girl and she is very brilliant too. She loves her fitness and hairs too. She adopted this hair style in the Premiere of some movie. She wanted to look different in every kind of the things.

Demi Moore, Long Hair Fishtail BraidDemi Moore stays youthful looking and brilliant personality with this pretty and beautiful fish tail hair style. She are keen to adopted this hair style very desperately but she has not that type of hair style. She works hard for making this hair style. She provides the oil and some extra ordinary creams which helps to provide the strength and smoothness to her hairs.

Demi Moore, Long Hair Fishtail BraidShe extremely doing very well with her hairs and she combed well and she parted at the right side of  her hairs and some of the hairs are slightly going right side if the head and some of the hair are going left side of the hairs.

Demi Moore, Long Hair Fishtail Braid Rest of the hairs is fallen down towards the back and then she makes the two ponytails and which looks very good and very awesome. She looks younger and younger. She looks very beautiful. Part your hair to the left and  make a loose braid from your hairline back to the mid-centre of your head, clipping the end to keep it in place.

Demi Moore, Long Hair Fishtail BraidTake a small amount of hair from the other side of your parting and twist it until it meets the loose braid at the nape of the neck. Use a comb to separate hair into two sections, starting at the nape of the neck. Separate 2cm of hair from the right side and wrap it around to the other section and combine the two. Then, from the left section, separate 2cm of hair again, wrapping it around and combining it with the other section, repeating this process until all hair is braided. Tie with an elastic band and spritz with hairspray to keep the braid in place.