DIY Hairstyles for Christmas

Christmas parties and holiday cocktails are the best time to glam up your look. So, must check given below DIY hairstyles to get dazzling appearance for a holiday celebration…

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Christmas DIY Hairstyles

1. Side Fringe Hairstyles

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Side Fringe Hairstyles are extremely popular among the teenage girls as well as aged women. There are several variation which can be adopted to bring an innovation in the traditional side fringe hairstyle. The girls and women, who have heart-shaped face, should keep the partition a bit away from the center. For the oval-shaped face, all side fringe hairstyles (short, long, wispy, swept, choppy and asymmetrical) works really well. Select any one keeping the texture of your hair in mind. The swept fringe (falling on the forehead) is best for round faces as it creates an arc on the face, making it look less-circular.

2. Straight Bangs

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Straight bangs can be teamed up with several hairstyles. These bangs cover the most part of forehead and give you a lovely appearance. Especially the females with a large forehead can use this hairstyle to make the forehead appear smaller. An ordinary ponytail can look stunning when you combine it with straight bangs. If you have medium length hair, give it a layer cut and team up with straight bangs. You will definitely look so cute.

3. Side-swept Bangs

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The side swept bangs can give you eye-catching appearance for the Christmas Eve and holiday gatherings. Whether you have medium-length hair or long or even short, feel free to play up your overall look with side swept bans. These angled bangs are brushed towards one side of face. To keep them stay in place, you can use of gel or a heavy-duty hairspray.

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