DIY Mask for Damaged Hair Step By Step

Human hair always needs a proper care and attention to be healthy and gorgeous. From environmental conditions to your hairstyling tools, everything makes your hair dull and dry. Day by day, the cosmetic companies introduce newest products for dry and damaged hair. But these products are not only much-expensive but also contain harsh chemicals. By using such hair care products, your hair may look shiny and gleaming temporarily but after some time, they become lackluster on permanent basis. If you are willing to repair your damaged hair at home by using DIY treatment, try the following DIY Mask for Damaged Hair.

DIY Mask for Damaged Hair

For making this DIY mask, you will need an avocado (peeled, mashed and seed removed), small banana (mashed), two tablespoons two honey, three tablesp

oons olive oil, one egg and three tablespoons milk. These all ingredients are easily available at your kitchen, so you don’t need to make special investment for this purpose.


Here is a step-by-step guideline for treating the damaged hair by DIY mask.

Step 1: Place banana, egg and avocado in a large bowl and combine all ingredients thoroughly with the help of fork.

Step 2: Now add milk, honey and olive oil in the combination of avocado, banana and egg. Whisk all constituents until they mix together.

Step 3: Work the mixture through your hair using your fingers. Make it sure that all your hair and scalp are covered by the avocado mask.

Step 4: Leave the mask stay on your hair for about half hour.

Step 5: Now wash your hair using a mild shampoo. While shampooing, rub your hair with your fingers to rinse away the avocado mask.

Step 6: Apply a good-quality conditioner and allow your hair air dry. Avoid using a blow dryer as much as possible.