Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair Step By Step


We are shearing some simple hairstyle which you can try at home and which you can make with your own hands too, or you can ask some simple help one of other to make these look and they are as simple that you can try these everyday for work place too and you can try these for formal occasions too.

1- The first one which I am sharing is one of my all time favorite and for that romantic, elegant looking hair style you need to apply a heat taming spray and blow-dry your hair with paddle brush, now take a thick portion of your hair from one side to temple and start twisting the front of your hair from the side-part all the way over to your ear and secure it with pins, now do the same to other side too, and then make a loose yet messy bun of remaining hair and secure with pins.

DIY Braided Bun step by step to make beautiful hair

2- Now this one is even more simpler and look super cutter and if you add some hair accessories in that one then it will look so glamorous too, make a smooth ponytail and secure it with rubber band or elastic and then twice your whole pony behind the pony and the give another twist and you are done, you can add some flowers or some glamorous pins and you are done.

Diy Loop Ponytail
Diy Loop Ponytail step by step to make beautiful hair

3- This is a simple version of Ballerina buns, for that you need to make a high pony take and the start twisting the pony around the base band, and keep twisting and then wrap and then secure it with pins too.

DIY Ballerina Bun
DIY Ballerina Bun step by step to make beautiful hair

4- This is a very simple yet very elegant classy look which you can create whenever you need it, it will take just few minutes, you just need to keep practicing on the look, you need to make a high ponytail and then take some small section of your hair and start rolling them back on your fingers and secure it over your head with pins and keep doing that till you use all of your hair and it will look like a cute floral bun.

DIY Looped UPDO step by step to make beautiful hair

Best of luck.