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Easy Overnight Hair Curling Techniques

Lush, long, gorgeous curls always stay in trend. Almost all of us crave those bouncy, touchable curls but unfortunately not all of us all blessed enough to have those desirable waves. But, it’s not something to fret about; there are several techniques available to fake the curls.

Hair Curling Techniques

The tools that are devised specifically to alter the texture of your sleek locks such as curling irons, dryers or rollers leave your hair damaged in the long run, so, the question her is how to offer your strands a little break? If you want to achieve those enviable curls without chemical or heat exposure, then you must try out the overnight hair curling techniques the. These are easy, safe and deliver desired offshoots.

The Headband Curls

It is the must-know overnight hair curling technique if you’re a diehard fan of Taylor Swift’s va-va-voom curls. If you’ve not given this super-easy method a shot earlier, give it! Simply take a soft and elastic headband and wrap sections of your hair around it. Leave overnight. Release your strands next morning to experience joyful, wavy, bouncy curls.

The Sock Curls

Yes! You read the right! Use any of your worn-out yet hygienic socks as curling tool! First remove the tip of your sock and tug your tresses through it. Now, start rolling the sock, and as soon as you reach halfway your head, tie the sock into a bun. You may also want to use any old T-Shirt or towel as your “rollers.” The sock curling technique works best on damp hair, so, make sure to do this on damp hair. Hold it on for whole night for achieving lovely, wavy hair.

The Braid Curls

Another effortless overnight curling technique is “Braid.” Before you go to bed, dampen your strands and weave them in the form of a braid, securing it with an elastic band or ponytail holder at the end. If you want well-coiffed, tight curls, keep the braid tight whereas for creating loose curls, braid should be kept loose. Undo the braid next day and scrunch your hair with fingers to add more movement and body to your curls.