Factors that Affect Hair Growth

Factors that Affect Hair Growth

Factors that Affect Hair Growth – Naturally hairs grow six centimeter each month. However there are certain factors that affect hair progress.

Some of the factors are listed here.

Factors that Affect Hair GrowthNutrition; A diet rich of sulfur and protein increase hair growth, While glucose, soft munchies and food containing higher content of starch like rice and flour stunts hair growth.

Exercise; A half hour brisk walk usually has good effect on hair growth as it upsurges plasma flow and delivers essential nutrients to hair. A decent scalp reflexology unswervingly kindles the movement of blood in scalp and feeds hair cavities.

Hair Products Use of hair colorants and peroxides damage tresses. Use of natural products like henna and amla are safe alternatives to synthetic hair peroxides.

Health Issues If you are anemic then you may experience stunt in hair growth. As anemia means hair glands are nutrient deficient required for hair growth. In this case consult your doctor at your earliest to prescribe some good iron supplements to you. Smoking also has some adverse effects on hair growth as it restricts blood flow in receptacles. So try to quit preferably or cut down daily use of cigarettes. Living a healthy life style will have very good impacts on your overall health but will have special impacts on hair growth.

These are few things which affect hair growth.