Feather Hair Extensions A Beautiful Flight of Fancy

What began as another illustration of Hollywood eccentricity has grown out to be a universal style phenomenon – feather hair-extensions. They are predicted to become the fad statement this spring/summer.

Many Hollywood celebrities such as Steven Tyler, Cassie Scerbo, Hillary Duff and Love Hewitt were often spotted with feature extensions in different TV shows and at different events.

Feather extensions can be worn deviously, just peeping out from underneath the hair, or daringly like Miley Cyrus who went clannish with hair in the video of her number Can’t Be Tamed.

How Feather Hair Extensions Work

The application technique of feather extensions is just the same as other hair extensions. They are simply crimped onto a tendril near the hair roots with the help of a stumpy link. The feathers can be brushed, blow-dried, curled, straightened and pulled up into any sort of hairdo.

This sort of hair extensions can last upto four months, conditional on how hard you’re on your hair. When they need any adjustment or replacement, simply the link is uncrimped and the feathers reincorporated.

What You’ll Need

The actual beauty of feather extensions is how quickly you can transform your look to get a mesmerizing appeal. Changing feathers a matter minutes and styling the locks them too isn’t troublesome. Even if you don’t have much know-how about hair styling, you can hastily learn how to put in feather extensions with the right utensils. All what’s needed is a feather extensions kit that entails:

  • Hair hook for dragging tendrils through the link.
  • Link crimping utensil.
  • Silicone-lined micro links.
  • A set of feather extensions.

Feather hair extensions is a fun new fashion hip women, teens, men and kids is a great append service for hair-salons.