Female Hair Thinning Common Type Of Hair Loss Faced by The Women

Hair thinning is a common problem females have to cope with in their life. The most common type of hair loss faced by the women is androgenic alopecia.

Female Hair Thinning Common Type Of Hair Loss Faced by The Women


While hair thinning issue has a close relationship with aging and most women face it as they grow aged, but aging isn’t the lone reason behind. Many other contributing factors are also there which lead your hair to become thinner. Some of them are hereditary, prolonged ailment, pregnancy, some prescribed medications, improper diet, dandruff, protein deficiency and so on.

Moreover, tying your hair in a particular style may also cause your hair to shed. This cause of female hair thinning is called ‘hair trauma.’


Limit Exposure to the Chemicals
Over exposure to the chemicals make your hair prone to breakage, causing it to thin out gradually. Therefore, limiting the use of chemical-based hair care and styling products and valuing organic or natural products instead is the first step one can take to combat hair thinning.

Avoid Over Processing

The craze of getting sleek, straight hair triggers the curly-haired gals to go through several harmful chemical treatments. This can bring about over processing of hair and hair fall. So, make sure not to over process your hair and stay with natural hairstyles rather than using chemicals to get straight hair.

Maintain Healthy Diet

Another efficient way to reduce hair thinning is staying with a healthy and balanced diet loaded with essential nutrients for hair growth. Since, human hair is mostly composed of a fibrous protein Karatin, encompassing protein rich food can help stimulate the growth of healthier hair. The other nutrients crucial for healthy hair include vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. So, if you’re really want to keep the hair loss issue at bay, start following a healthy diet from early age. Moreover, keep your body well hydrated by consuming eight-ten glasses of water per day.

Boost Blood Circulation

Rubbing your hair gently while shampooing is a healthy practice for your hair. The rubbing action works to boost circulation in the scalp, triggering the hair follicles to produce healthy tress. A regular hot oil massage is also very beneficial in this regard.

Furthermore, medical treatment and detoxification also help you eliminate hair loss.