Find Your Perfect Haircut

Find Your Perfect Haircut

Find Your Perfect HaircutWhen it comes to get a haircut, there actually are no rigid rules. If you follow rules to get a cut or stay away from the other based on your face shape plus your hair type. Here is a guide to perfect haircut based on your hair type. Check out the cuts…

Straight Fine Hair:

If you’ve straight, fine hair, a long bob with blunt ends that are nicked shorter at the rear might be the just right cut for you since it tends to make fine hair look fuller and denser. Longer wisps around the face give the haircut versatility, letting you play with updos. As the part is central to this cut, always try to place it where it can flatter your face shape. If you’ve square or round face, place the part in middle to create the illusion of elongated face, while for the oval or longer faces, side-part is ideal.

Straight, Thick Hair

If you’re blessed with a head full of hair, get feathery layers that start at the jaw to add some oomph to those lovely strands. The pieciness in front will not let the density of the hair from overpower your face.

Wavy, Fine Hair

Ask your stylist to get you a medium-length cut with asymmetrical ends and side-swept bangs. The uneven ends will give your hair extra bounce and fullness while the bangs will give you a more polished look. However, don’t let her use a razor, as blunt tips look denser and healthier.

Wavy, Thick Hair

Go for long layers sheared all around the head preventing the “triangle” effect that you get from a blunt-cut. Ask your stylist to use thinning clippers on the ends to give the waves enough movement.

Thick Curly Hair

Thick curls need weight to prevent them from distending around your face, so get a style that falls below your shoulders. Keep the ends asymmetrical to prevent a bottom-heavy effect.