Five Fruits and Veggies for Healthy Summer Hair

Hair is said to be the crowning glory of women and therefore women seem very conscious about how there tresses look and feel. They resort to different products to improve its health and enhance its shine. But, the biggest hair-care mistake women usually commit is to investing too much in the hair-care products and serums but overlooking the importance of hair-healthy food.

Five Fruits and Veggies for Healthy Summer Hair

Remember, not any of these products can fulfill the nutritious requirements of your hair as do the food can. So, it’s imperative to include hair-healthy snacks for retaining health of your strands.

Dark green vegetables: Besides a healthy, robust skin, green vegetables are very important for your hair’s health too, especially dark green vegetables like spinach. Spinach is a rich source of vitamin A and C, the ingredient responsible for sebum production in human body. Sebum is a sort of natural hair condition produced by your system which helps keeping your strands well-nourished and healthy. Moreover, dark vegetables also provide you with essential minerals like iron and calcium.

Nuts: Nuts such as cashew, almond, walnuts are a few natural sources of zinc. Zinc is extremely crucial for maintaining healthy tress and its deficiency oftentimes results in hair fall. So, to avoid any severe hair issue, you must incorporate nuts in your routine diet plan.

Citrus fruits – Try including citrus fruits is your routine diet if you really want to flaunt healthy hair year round. Filled with antioxidants and vitamin C these fruits are known everywhere for improving circulation in the scalp thus boosting hair growth.

Carrot: It is another natural ingredient found very effectual in maintaining healthier, shinier, and bouncier hair. Carrots are rich sources of Vitamin A, a vitamin necessary for healthy scalp.

Biotin-Rich Fruits: Biotin-rich fruits like apple, apricot, peach, banana and watermelon are not only delicious but are excellent hair-growth stimulators. Biotin is a natural growth steroid for hair and nails and thus biotin-fortified diet is found to very effective in fixing hair loss and combating other hair conditions like thin, weak and brittle strands.