Flat Iron for Short Hair

There is a large number of Flat Irons you can make a choice from. The majority of these flat irons, however, are designed specifically for the thick and long hair. Therefore, it can be a bit challenging to find out a flat iron that is right for short-lengthed hair.

But Sedu Revolution Nano Tourmaline Styling Iron is now here to ease your tension! This styling iron features a new Freestyle Guiding System with smart furrow technology that grabs hold of the hair in one even pass and enables you to freestyle or get your preferred hairstyle.

The slender 1” plate width serves effectively to smooth out and set the shorter hair and bangs straight while the curved edges produce curls and flippant a breeze. It is ideal for creating today’s hip styles.

How to Create Super Straight Hairstyle

  • Get a shampoo bath and treat your locks with protein rich hair conditioner.
  • Finger comb your hair from roots towards the tips while gently blow drying on a low heat.
  • Use your blow-dryer (with plunger attached and soaring heat) alongside your desired hairbrush. First pull your hair outwards from the scalp with the help of brush and then apply heat with your hairdryer directing the airflow down the hair. Ensure drying out only one section at one time.
  • After you are done with blow drying, comb your hair light-handedly from roots to tips, without using hairdryer, to make it sure that hair is absolutely tangle-free. This will enable the straightening or hot iron slide evenly over the hair.
  • Position the iron close to your hair roots and gently move it downwards towards the tips to create a super-sleek effect.