Foods For Healthy Hair

Every single one of us love to have beautiful looks and no one can deny that hair is one of the most important part of our looks, some people show their interest in their looks and some people are too busy to bother about their looks so for those who does not have time to spend hours in solons or spays these food not only good for your body, but these are really good for you hair, nails and bones too so are you ready to enjoy the natural food that are yum and healthy and can help your looks too?

Foods For Healthy Hair

You just need to decide what kind of life do you want to spend, a healthy one which is happy, relaxed and light, or a life which has some horrible food and horrible weight issues and horrible and helpless old age? You just need to start eating right, a balanced diet which is rich in proteins, vitamins and other minerals is your answer and is the right way of living too, so today we are going to talk about some food that you need to according to your requirement and see the results.

Red meat:- although we have been talking about white lean meat for health reasons and we all know that all fat meat can cause some health issues, but today we are going to show you some good angles of this food, red meat is as good as the white one and it is as healthy as the white one it is just a digestive system that make it so heavy and difficult to digest that people say that we should not eat white meat but it is one of a very strong and good source of iron which is easy on body cells and get into required part so quickly, it can help you to get healthy and glowing hair follicles and we know that it is the rood reason and way to get healthy and silky hair naturally.

Red meat has a huge amount of sulphur which provide the strength and power to our hair and our scalp and it help new hair growth too which means if we start eating healthy way of red meat then it will not only help our scalp and hair follicles, but it will encourage new hair growth too.

Eggs:-no one can deny the healthy and magical powers and minerals of Eggs, if you see a egg clearly you would see a major part of egg is portions, and the remaining part is calcium and the best calcium possible and there are not the only vitamins a egg have, a egg is full with all kind of vitamins and minerals, nature made our hair with keratin and protein, a food that is rich in, protein is the ideal food for hair and beauty, so if I say that this is one of the most perfect food for hair then I would not be wrong.

Eggs are a good source of Vitamin B 12 and proteins and you just not get the benefit of eggs as a food but you can use it as beauty ingredients too and if you apply a whole egg in your hair with one spoon any oil and lime if you have dryness then you would see magical results.

Oysters: – if I say that all kind of seas foods are good then it would not be wrong, but if you want to know the best one or one of the best one for hair and bones and face then I would say Oysters is best what you can eat to get healthy hair naturally, without any artificial help, Oysters is a rich source of zinc, which means it can actually help your hair fall and weak hair and it can make your hair stronger till end and it can be a helpful food for dry and flaky scalp, and Oysters can provide you iron and omega 3 too which means it is best of hair.

Salmon: – do I really need to tell you how good salmon is and how many benefits it can provide you and your body? This small fish is full with all kid of seas mineral and vitamins and more, it can provide you the right amount of omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin D, Irion and what not, it is not good for your hair but it is really very good for your skin, bones, nails and best for supple smooth skin and it can make you look at least 5 years younger and if you add this fish three or 5 times a week you would get all the benefits you want.

Tofu: – this is a cheese that we get from soy nut and it has all the good vitamins of soy and is really good for your hair and bones to get iron, calcium and minerals and if you are not good with other dairy products then you can use it for your other needs too and you will get the perfect amount of calcium.